The Great Things about Blogging

I’m here to talk about the great things about blogging. Since I started blogging way back last year August 2008, well I just got the idea from my old friend who got earnings from his Adsense. My first idea is just “Blog for Money” and that change as days passed by. He just give me some quick instructions and how to register and make my own blog. Then I started reading things about and how to properly optimize a blog site. Then day by day, I have started to modify my blog. I’m into programming so I easily alter my template and design by my own taste. And after couple of months I became a full-time blogger.

There’s so many great things I have learned since I started blogging. Since blogging makes you read, tell how you feel, how you experience, how you make that, this, and even to the simplest thing you could imagine. The special things about blogging is the friendships and open communitions for bloggers. Like a great example of these is, those diabetic people, who just feels alone and no one understand them, but by just looking in a diabetic blog and communicating to the bloggers he finds comfort and some advice from fellow diabetic bloggers.

Here’s some great things that you will have;

  1. Great communications
  2. Proper wordings and compositions
  3. Better understanding
  4. You’ll become critical and opinionated
  5. A programmer, web designer
  6. Open-minded
  7. Rich minds, knowledge
  8. Friendly and helpful
  9. Know persons around the world
  10. Right tell what you feel,know

We just need to build a better online community, by ensuring a healthy relationships with our fellow bloggers. Thanks for reading, hope you drops a healthy comment.


  1. Hey you! If you check out my site I belong to a community called (I don’t know how to add a link here). You can click my widget there and it will take youto it. You will enjoy it I think because it is all about people like us with diabetes. It’s a great community!!

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