How to resize Blogger comment form, don’t give your readers headache in writing their comments

I’m giving thanks to Kamal for noticing this glitch on my template. He noticed that when he write a comment on the inline embedded form and asked to enter the CAPTCHA code there is no way to find the entry field and the submit button. Apparently the CAPTCHA form is almost displayed half. I have noticed this kind of problem in few Blogger blog when I’m commenting on some sites listed on my DoFollow List. Now, in this post we will discuss on how we can avoid giving headache to our readers while they try to give their comments.

How to resize Blogger comment form, don't give your readers headache in writing their comments
Actually I learned already how we can get out of the CAPTCHA form that don’t display properly. I’m giving this tip since maybe you can encounter some blogs with this problem. You can resolve it by; the time the CAPTCHA form load up, click the comment form then simultaneously press the “TAB” button of your keyboard, you’ll see that the form will move down highlighting each element of the comment form. By this time, you can type the CAPTCHA code then submit your comment.

Now if you have a blog, you have to resize the comment form to fit the CAPTCHA form this will take to about 410px in height. Now how here is the step:

1. Log on to your Blogger account.

2. Go to Layout–>Edit Html then tick Expand Widget Templates.

3. Search for this code:
<iframe allowtransparency='true' class='blogger-iframe-colorize
blogger-comment-from-post' frameborder='0' height='210'
id='comment-editor' name='comment-editor' scrolling='no'
src='' width='100%'/>

4. Then when you find it replace the parameter “height=’210′” with “height=’410′“.

5. Now save your template.

6. View your blog then test it on other computer or by logging out first your Blogger account for the CAPTCHA code to appear when you do the commenting.

This appear a little tricky but this small glitch can turn away some of your readers specially if they are not that computer-techie like others do. Hope you find this useful. Till next time. Just let me know if you need some help you can reach me at the comment form or at the contact details.


  1. cerita naruto /

    I see…
    I always use tab to write down the CAPTCHA form
    well, great tutor….
    some of my template must use this

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  3. any tips to hide the comment form completely? it showed up below my disqus comment section, with your tips here i set the height to ‘0’, but the “Post a Comment” text still showed up.. trying to dashboard -> settings -> comment -> set to hide, doesnt help too ;|

  4. There are really some fruitful tips. I must say thanks for this awesome stuff. I really enjoyed that. Brilliant post!

  5. Pip Vera /

    Hello, my height was already set to 410…I slowly increased it but it still wouldn’t load without hitting TAB.


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