Gain More Site Traffic with EC Blog Community: 300 Drops Site Directory

Good News fellow EC dropper I’m making this site for all of us. This is the primary post of this site EC Blog Community. I have tried some EC Generator and I can said that all of that have some hidden agenda, like providing site that have no EC Widget on which you can drop your card. That’s why I have tried to collect all the valid sites during my dropping, and this is 100% valid EC sites from my own experience.

Here are the 300 Sites to drop your Entrecard:

Fun Lounge
Tech by PC
Dago 7
Latest Technology News
Nihars World
Real Estate Professionals
What About Brazil
AutoGeeze | Latest Sportscars
Kate Ashley
Liliput’s World
My sense of Fashion and Beyond
Travel Guide
Touch by an Angel with Love
Great Wild Outdoors
Texas Life
The Long Journey of my Life
The Visionary Sports Handicapping Blog
Imagination MADNESS
The Solitairy Love
Pepper Spray, Stun Guns, and Tasers… Oh My!
Imagination Manifesto
Fish Hook and More…
Inspector Electra
Mobiles With Abbas
Homemade Fragrances
Makoy’s Take on The Arts and The Entertainment
Blog Fixes
Pinoy: Hot or Not?
Earn Blogger
Life’s Lessons
Quantum Indonesia Translogistic
Makroekonomi STPM
Anything Goes
Rose Garden Music
Positive Men
Scandinavian Ways
Ramblings of a Stay at Home
The Art Zoo
Tech Planet
Moments caught in Flight
Blog Contest Station
Pusang Maganda
Play There
Cromely’s World
Multiply Themes
The 6 Senses of the Insane
Heart of Rachel
Adventure in Mommyland
A Heaping Spoonful
Bisdak FootPrints
Fresh and Tasty Videoclips
Piece of Brick for Piece of Jade
What’s On My Mind Today
Leet Gallery
Inspire Political Discourse
The Single Parents Talks
Blog of Famer
Bravenet Blog
Nevada Center for Missing Loved Ones
Stay at Home Mom
the half-life of linoleum
The natural State Hawg
Montana Moods
Medical Technology Avenue
What the Bald Guy needs to know about sports
Sports 2000
All Arkie Army
Van Eno
Random Ramblings
SMK Serian
Aerins Collections
Ask Ms Recipe
Teddy Tour
Under The WordPress Tree
Metallman’s Reverie
carried Away
Deer Mountain Wood Art
Places to visit in Argentina
Time for a Smile
Happy Moments Happy Thoughts
Stud Kickass
Not Just a Mama
Margie and Edna’s Basement
The $200 Mission
Pinoy Rich Jerk
Connect with your teens
Stevenage SG1
Darnuth Keep
Hot Momma
Jaggy Jam
Bullets of Quills and Ink
Nothing Off Limits
Leaf in Deforest
A Poets View
Little Rock Jams
Pregnant with Cancer
My Notes
Contest Prep
The Anti-Social
Opera 911
Mobile Depot
Marriage and Beyond
In my Kitchen
Everything Under the Sun
Something Random to Do!
Blogs to Note
Take a Break Let us Talk
Living Life to the Fullest
Blue Stem Winery
Steam Powered Rings
Dwayne Dot Com
Travel Around The World
A Fil-Am Journey
The Ad Master
The Junk Drawer
Thoughts from Down Under
Spices of Life
Kid Tech Guru
Symphony of Love
PlotDog Press
The Spitting Vessel
DB Comix
Pinay Mom Blogs
Rants, Thoughts, and Other Things
Pix n Pens
My Blogging Experience
Retired and Restless
From the Eyes of My Heart
A Disgruntled Republican
banic manic
In The Eyes of the Beholder
Laane World
Moms Check Nyo
brahimo’s Weblog
Political Conservatives
The Biker’s Voice
Small Dog Stuff
Technically Easy
Willem’s Internet Blog
Orange Derange
The Looking Glass
A World of Progress
This is so me
The Essence of Bobness
The DigiPix
Thinking Out Loud Blog
Reviews Corner
No More Debt
Take it To the Limit
Moments of my Life
Herb Ways
Crazy Working Mom
The Four Seasons of my Life
HRM Business Practices and Notes
Shepherd Family Values Blog
Afro Blogger
My Angels World
Creative Cafe
Photography by KML
MtnGrl Musing
It’s a Women’s World
Computer Aid
Beetle Memories and Ramblings
Kevin’s Blog
Life with Roxxy Metal
Beakers 3 Dimensions
Steve 4.7
It is Nap Time
Amy Lilley Designs
The Painted Veil
Richard M.
Theresa Sez
Gadget Spot
Puss Reboots
Sharon Hart
Barefooted Me
The Dirty Shirt
Louis Lamour Book Reviews
Techno Techniques
Living Botanical
A Commuters Life
The not-so-blog
New York Traveler
Three Fates Design
Dashery Jewelry
adventures of a Millenium Mom
My Little Garden of Friendship
Paintings in Watercolor
Mom’s Cafe
Pancakes to Pearl
PC Remix
Kimmi’s Crazy World
Cents Able Momma
3 Scrapbooking Ladies
On the Verge
Small Town Mommy
Simply Stamping
Mommy’s Little Corner
Fiori’s Home
MaryLou’s Art [Ad]venture
Sweet Nothings
Red Sox Mommy
My So Called Life
Embrace Simplicity
Slightly Mordant
Parenting Pink Blog
Orient Lodge
The Mom Buzz
My Country Home
Unique Charm
Diva Cosmos
Cool Mom Guide Reviews
Raging Rev
Soy Wax Candles Blog
Your Fun Family Blog
The World According to Plaidfuzz
West of Mars
Million Dollar Blog
Memories Frozen in Time
Wine at Five
The World as I see It
Wong SK Blog
Personal Budgeting and Finances
Diet Recipes Blog
Of Trends and Aces
The Shutterbug
Oyvind Weblog
Juggling Teens
Secret of The Law of Attraction
The World According To Jay
Signal vs. Noise
Do-or-Die Poker
Love Talks
Lady Java’s Lounge
Online Bingo
The World According to Sjeltur
John Lottery’s Bimonthly Lottery Articles
The World of Silly Willy and Fluffy
This Makes my Day
This is all about Breast Cancers
Enjoy Work As Leisure
Corfu Holiday Accommodation
Green MAn
My Foliage Diary
Anything Goes
PC Game Trek
Adventures in Freelancing
Dolly;s Daily Diary
Blog Box
Balck Tie and Sneakers
The Boomer with a View
Journal of Journey
Holy Cuteness
My Life as a Mother and Single Parent
modus vivendi
On A Lighter Note
We the Players
Lucky Girl

If you see that your site don’t belong to the list just leave a comment below and I’ll be including it to the next post of this blog. Just leave the “Anchor text” and the blog URL for me to include it. Don’t include your site if it has no EC widget thus this will be automatically rejected.

This will really promise 300 drops for few minutes!


  1. Susan Helene Gottfried /

    I’ve had to change my url.

    West of Mars is now found at:


  2. Mystery Man /

    Thanks for the links (and the link love…lol)

  3. Doug Kueffler /

    Thanks for including my blog! Here are two that I would love to have added:

    Doug’s Missoula Blog

    Election Issues Today

  4. tonsblogger /

    I’ll be update the post to correct the link for you.

    @mystery man,
    Thanks…Its a season of love right!

    See my next post,but I’ll review your blog first.

  5. tonsblogger /

    Update done

    I’ll be including your blog, it has a EC widget great.

    If you want, please link back to this site, just copy the codes at the top sidebar.

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Julong /

    Its good blog,i want to exchange my link with your blog.

  7. Well hope you can also include my new blog.. here is it. Pinoy Community

  8. Thanks for adding my links to your blog..
    i hope we can make link exchange..

  9. Tomas Karkalas /

    I’m glad to address you. It’s so fine to join the community that gathers bloggers together. You help is to spread our welcome and thus participate in life’s fiesta-to make the dreams the reality. Thank you.
    URl of my blog Modus Vivendi:
    Anchor text:
    These are pictures and thoughts from Art therapy club Modus Vivendi. The spiritual healing of the fine arts starts at a moment we recognize ourselves in other.

  10. tonsblogger /

    Site included in the first post.

  11. WorldmedTourism /
  12. Franklin =] /

    Hoping you can include me in your 3rd instalment of EC card table! 🙂

    Eating in New Zealand


  13. fighter /

    Hello,if possible please add my blog HEALTH:THEGREATESTGIFTOFGOD to your entrecard blog directory.My blog URL is


  14. Better Interpersonal Communication /
  15. Mslovely101~of ~ LowKey Graphics /

    Hi. Love your list. Can I be added?
    My blog is at .
    Its called “Mslovely’s Blog Palace”.
    Thanks! I will put your 125×125 button on my site.

  16. Another Blogger /

    Here my blog
    all about blogging tips!

  17. cornyman /

    Thanks for publishing these lists, will write an article this week about all these Drop list, including yours!

    Please include following blogs to your new/next list

    All about babies and kids
    (The 5 Top Droppers get 100 EC each month)

    Cornymans Moneypage
    (The first 3 Top Droppers get 500, 300 and 200 EC each month)

    The One Minute Guide

    Cornymans Blogreviews

  18. mary joseph /

    thanks a lot. will you please include my blog url.

    Easy Money Making Part Time Internet Jobs.

  19. DCnuebe /

    Could you please include my blog on your 300 droplist?


  20. potenta /

    thank you very much.

  21. Traffic Geyser /

    great compilation of blogs, I'd really wanted to include my blog once I have finished working on its template.

  22. Grate list u have share !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!