Entrecard Contests: A great way to boost your traffic

From out of somewhere I came across the blog of Entrecard and then I read on this post about Entrecard Contest. And somehow I believe in this post, that some personal contest by some sites are really gathering attentions and traffic from fellow bloggers and entrecarders. The most common prices are the transfers of EC Credits. Which I believe will be very useful to help your blog boost its visitors if your an EC members. So how to have a personal EC Contest? Here what I’ve got from the post.

How to hold a contest

Step 1: The Prizes

The first step to holding a contest is deciding what you’re going to give away. Do you have a few thousand credits you’re going to offer up as a prize? Are you going to put in the extra effort, and get other people on board and offering up prizes as well? What will you offer the other prize-poolers to make it worth their while? A link back to their blog is a great way to reward them for offering prizes in your contest.

Step 2: How to enter?

Determining how readers will enter your contest is something you should do carefully, and tailor it to meet your own goals. Will you give out one contest entry for each person who leaves a comment? Will you give out extra entries for people who write a blog post about your contest? A google search for “Entrecard Contest” will give you lots of ideas of things other people have done before. Be creative and enthusiastic in your blog post about your contest.

Step 3: Paying the winners

Once the contest is over and the winners have been selected, it’s time to pay them. Make sure to send all other people contributing to your prize pool the profile links of the winners.

Simple but it will be really fun and it would create a friendly community for fellow entrecarders!

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  1. Contest-Gal /

    Thanks for the steps on how to hold a contest. You gave us more Idea to be more aware on the things to consider in having a contest.