How to Money Online from your Blog?

Here are the few steps elaborately to make money online from your own personal blogs. Here are the few steps for you to learn.

Step #1 – Choosing the right blog platform.

You can use or to host a blog, but I highly recommend you host your own blog with WordPress software. This software has the same name with, and you can download it at Using the WordPress software will allow you to add many different types of plug-in, help you optimize your blog for search engine and visitors, and provide more additional features and functions.

Step #2 – Build the basic blog content.

You should join the forums or community related to your blog topic, participate in the discussion and outline all the problems and solutions from it, choose the correct titles and topics that concern the forums and communities’ members. Write about 20 posts and start to share them with the forums’ members.

Step #3 – Jump start and Increase your blog traffic.

From the previous steps, you should already have some basic traffic from the forums, now you need to bring more traffic to your blog. Use article marketing to tap into search engine traffic and to promote your blog. Write around 50 articles and optimize it to be keyword focused and submit them to, use the power of to capture search engine traffic, and if your article is interesting and good enough, you will also attract many publishers to distribute your articles, bring even more readers to your blog!

Post interesting content that will attract the bookmarking communities, submit your content, and let them vote and promote your website. If your content is interesting enough, you will see massive traffic flood to your blog! However, this kind of traffic does not stay long, they come and go and doesn’t even click on your advertisement, you won’t benefit directly. However, below is the list of the real benefit from bookmarking site:

Benefit #1 – More visitors to your blog.

May be 90% of the visitors will not stay, and only 10% of them attracted by your blog and become your loyalty readers, you have done it correctly! You just need to repeat the process and continue to provide good to attract visitors from the bookmarking site.

Benefit #2 – Get exposure for your blog.

Some of the visitors are web master or blogger, you can attract many back links to your post and boost your web site ranking, that will further increase your search engine traffic!

If you do it consistently, you will definitely increase your overall traffic.

Another effective traffic building method like Video marketing and participate in the blog community, leave comments at various authority blogs… and if you do it consistently, you will receive many back links from the blogs. Those authority blogs will eventually link to your blog if you continue to provide good content.

Step #4 – Start collecting email and provide newsletter.

You must collect email and build your own list! Your readers for some reasons may eventually forget about you and your blog, email is the best way to communicate, build relation and promote products! You can offer a good e-book, report or any kind of downloadable digital product in exchange for your reader’s email!

Think about it, if you get 3,000 new visitors everyday, and 1,000 opt-in to your email list, you get additional 30,000 emails every month! That’s a very big number, you will notice the more email you have, the more money you can earn!

Step #5 – Ways to make money with your blog.

There are many ways to earn money from your blog, I am going to share some of my favorites strategies…

Strategy #1 – Affiliate product. You can recommend good products to your readers and subscribers, you take a cut of commission when they buy the product from the vendor.

Strategy #2 – Advertisement Network. You can easily find many Text Ads / Banner Ads networks to join and advertise, the easiest one is using Google AdSense!

Strategy #3 – Blog / Product Reviews. Vendor will pay you to review their product, website or blog!

Strategy #4 – Create Your Own Product. You can create your own e-book, e-courses and software to sell to your readers!

Strategy #5 – Sponsors. From time to time, some product vendors will contact you and give free sponsor products to your readers to build their brand awareness, they will pay you to host a contest on your blog and this benefit both sites!

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