What if you don’t receive your Google Adsense verification PIN?

Did it happen to you? You don’t receive your Google Adsense verification PIN? Well, it happens to me. First, gone out crazy when I have re-sends the three available PIN request and still I don’t received the postcard. This merely happens when you reach the $100 threshold limit to withdraw money with your Adsense.

First thing to do, after you have re-sends the last request PIN is wait until almost 4 weeks from the date you request PIN is generated. After and if you still don’t receive the mail, time to mail the Google Adsense Team about the issue of “PIN hold” due to failed verification. You may find the email link highlighted at your “My Account” Tab.

I’m impressed with the quick response and reply for my inquiry. Within hours they have a sweet reply. Telling me to email a digital copy of any of the following any valid Government issued ID, telephone bill, or bank statement with address prior to the address you indicated in your Adsense Account. Note that the Address in the ID, telephone bill, or bank statement should match your Adsense Address. They will reject if not. In my case, I have indicated my present city address in my Adsense account for availability and the government ID I send have my provincial address so I got rejected, and they’re asking for another valid ID etc.. What I do is I replied to the mail saying that I’ve updated my Adsense address to my present provincial address. After few hours, the sweetest reply comes telling that they’ve removed the PIN hold.

Hope this helps, to those beginners and fellow bloggers who encounters same Google Adsense problem.


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