How to hide your Post on Blogger –Creating Static pages like “Contact”, “About”, “Privacy Policy”

On Blogger you don’t have ways to make “static pages” unlike on WordPress, this are the pages where you usually place your “Contact”, “About”, “Privacy Policy”, “Disclaimer” or even “Links” that are part of your navigation menu. The thing about Blogger is when you published a page it will appear automatically on your home page and get listed on your recent posts widget. However there is a way you can do to create an illusion that you have created a static page on Blogger.

Here are the few simple steps to create the static pages or hide your post on Blogger.

  1. Log on to your Blogger account, go to Posting–>New Post.
  2. Write your things like creating a “Contact form” for your readers to be linked to your front page header menu.
  3. After you have finished filling up everything and you think it’s time to publish it here is the trick.
  4. At the bottom left of your editor, hit the “Post Options” there you can find:
  • a. “Reader Comment” option leave it to its default (allowing your readers to comment or you may alter it to “Don’t Allow” if you don’t want your reader to comment on it, this is advisable for your pages like “Privacy Policy, “Disclaimer” etc.).
  • b. “Post Date and Time”, now alter the Post Date backward, I recommend that you check the date when you posted your first article then copy the date to be your post date. You can leave the time unchanged.
  • Now hit Publish.

After, check your published page then see if nothing is wrong if none then you hit the homepage it’s for you to see if your just-published article is there, I’m sure it’s nowhere on your homepage and recent post widget but hitting the Archive, you’ll see it falling to the date you’ve set.


  1. Hmm, thats a nice little trick I can start using on my blogger blog, thanks!

  2. Kroyos /

    this trick it’s just for moving the post to oldest pages, and it will remain appear with oldest one 🙁 thanx anyway

  3. This trick can still be seen if you are running a LinkWithin… thanks anyways 🙂