How to show browser icon for your Blogger blog

Recently I have implemented another Blogger tricks to make my blog looks professional and somehow create an illusion of a hosted blog. We’ve already implemented the illusion of static pages last time which I believe a very useful trick. This time showing the browser icon for your Blogger blog is done for just few simple steps.

Here are the steps in showing your browser icon for your Blogger blog:

  1. First create an image in regular icon sizes like 16×16, 32×32 and 64×64 pixels in .jpg, .gif or .png to appear to be your blog logo. I prefer the icon in GIF format.
  2. Then upload it to Picasa or ImageShack I suggest that you don’t use PhotoBucket since I’m observing some blog that don’t show the image but instead showing up out-of-bandwith or inactive account errors. Get the direct link to your image.
  3. Now log on to your Blogger account, go to Layout–>Edit HTML.
  4. Find the code below,


    then just before that copy and paste the code below,

    <link href='http://yourimagedirectlinkhere'
    rel='shortcut icon' type='image/gif'/>

    remember to replace the URL (http://yourimagedirectlinkhere) with your image direct link.

  5. Then save your template.
  6. View your blog then you must see your logo instead of the Blogger logo on the browser tab.

If this doesn’t work for you please let me know at the comment form below.


  1. Karen C. /

    Thank you so much!

  2. WormMom /

    Thanks a lot, it works.