Recent Comments Widget for Blogger

We have already discussed the recent post widget for Blogger (with thumbnail) and I know alongside you want to know how to install the recent comments widget for your Blogger blog. The idea and mechanism is much the same with the recent posts widget, we will be relying on Blogger default feed for comments. Now you just need to follow this few simple steps.

Here are the steps on installing the recent comments widget:

  1. Log on to your Blogger account.
  2. Go to Layout tab, at the Page Elements section decide where to place the widget then click “Add a Gadget“.
  3. When the pop-up screen showed up, scroll down and find the gadget “Feed” then click the blue plus button (+) on the upper right side of the gadget.
  4. At the blank which you will enter your feed URL, enter this “”. Note that you should replace “” with your blog URL.
  5. After you have enter the URL, press continue. The gadget should start retrieving your feed.
  6. You can further customize the widget by entering your desired “Title“, or by ticking “Item dates” (this will show date of each posts), “Item sources/author” (the posts author), “Open Links in new window” (this will open the post in new window when clicked).
  7. Click Save.
After just view your blog and your recent comments widget should appear with the latest comments from your readers. Feel free to contact me anytime when you need help here.


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