How to add Google Translate Button on your Blog

I know there are lots of widgets or plug-ins available for you to install whether it is Blogger or WordPress platform. But mostly what I’ve seen on many blogs or websites is a missing translation plug-ins for their readers. I might say that it was really necessary if you’re advocacy is to spread your knowledge. Although English is the common-language worldwide, some peoples that might read your articles are not literate enough to understand the content.
Anyways, here are the few easy steps on how to add Google Translate plug-ins on your blog:
2. Then, Select the language of your webpage by clicking the drop down button.
3. You may want to further customize the language the translator can translate by selecting few languages, but I prefer “All Languages”.
4. Copy the code snippet provided and place it on the section of your website you want it to appear.
5. Then you may try it by clicking the Google Translate button and select a language you want it to be translated and it should automatically reload for translation. A nav-bar will appear at top part of your site showing the percentage translated together with the cancel button and when it’s done the show original button will appear. Simply click the “Show Original” button to get it back to original language.
If your using Blogger platform, follow this step:
1. Log on to your Blogger account.
2. Go to Layout–>Page Elements then Add a Gadget–>HTML/JavaScript Add.
3. Copy and Paste the code obtained at step 4 above when you are customizing the Google translate page.
4. Click Save.
5. Then view your blog, give it a try by following previous step 5 above.
Hope this works for you, anyways other powerful tools are available at the Google Translate page and you may want to play with it. You can install the Google Toolbar that enables you to “you just pause the pointer over an English word, and the Word Translator displays that word’s meaning in your own language.” Or you can incorporate it on your browser by dragging one of language button on your browser toolbar menu.


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    I agree. Although English is the universal language, it's not an assurance that you'll get your message across to different readers of your site.

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    Is there any way to use this translation option but people can't understand that it is done in google ???

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    Then you may try it by clicking the Google Translate button and select a language you want it to be translated and it should automatically reload for translation.

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    I always prefer to add a little snippet of code to my blogs over adding another plugin. Saw your recommendation over on another blog and glad I followed your advice. Plus, I'm a fan of Google's tools, even if they are trying to take over the world! 🙂 Now I have a way for non-English speaking visitors to at least have a chance of understanding my writings. Many thanks!

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    i have implement it to my blog. This rare trick is incredible.

  10. I think google toolbar comes with google translate also

  11. this is pretty sweet..I have a couple of blogs I would like to add this too..thanks

  12. I have been trying to do this for ages…you have made it so simple, I really appreciate it thank you

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    I have been trying to put the google translator on my coffee cup website as per google instructions but it wont show “paste” after copy to the webpage, is there a trick to this or I am I missing something out as I am a novice at this

  14. You definitely did a great job. It worked on my blog like a genius. Thanks a million.