Best Blogger Widgets/Add-ons you should install on your blog

If you’re starting a blog with Blogger platform definitely you don’t have an idea on what gadgets or widgets you should install on your blog. This post will discuss on what add-ons you should put on your blog that would be necessary (most needed) to boosts your blog’s professional appeal and readerships.
1. Blog Archive Widget
I believe this is one of the most important widget you should on your blog. The widget will told your readers how long you have been on the business –sharing your experience along with the contents you’ve published. It is also a time keeper on how actively you’re blogging. On Blogger, this add-ons is automatically added on templates and available on Blogger’s repository of gadgets when you go, Layout–>Add a Gadget.
Another important widget that you should mount on your blog is the Labels or tags widget since it will categorized your posts. Right now there is a gadget available on the Blogger repository that will allow you in list and cloud display labels. However you can also have choices like 3D-rotating flash labels and the table-row-column display labels/tags widget.
It is also appropriate that you display your recently posted articles so your readers will have an easy posts navigation. If you will think that this will be redundant as the archive widget, I guess no or may depends on how you lists your archive post, either by collapsible, by month, by year or drop down. Otherwise, this should be included on your page to add easy-access contents. Here is the tutorial on how you can add the recent post widget via Blogger Feed gadget.
If you want to maintain a healthy readership, I believe you should install this widget too, the recent comments widget can be done by using the feed gadget available on blogger. You can follow this Recent Comments Widget tutorial.
Definitely I must say this is one of the widget I have implemented which I really love, but unfortunately a bit technical to install. If you can follow the Most Popular Posts with number of comments widget tutorial then I know you can have this widget. See it on the sidebar.
6. Community Readers Widget
I believe another thing if you’re building readership community you should grab any widget from MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog, Twitter, Facebook and simply don’t forget the Google Friend Connect. This are important since members will be like subscribed to your updates which is converted into regular traffic later on.
7. Ads Widget
The Ads widget probably the Adsense gadget if you’re on blogger. Definitely needed if you have gain enough traffic and readership it will help you compensate your blogging and later on move into custom domain or hosting. If you are gifted or just technically a internet savvy then you can make blogging your living. I have known few including myself who have made decent amounts through sharing this idea in the digital way.
Let me share you my experience, I have learned that if you will blog for money mainly few months or weeks I know you’ll quit. The reason is you should love what you’re doing, you have the knowledge and interest on your topic, and you’re willing to learn more. Another key is patience and looking for long term goals, you can’t succeed in overnight blogging and cheating. Hope this article will helps you in building your very own blog.


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