Zaparena brings revenue and 200-300 percent traffic to your website

If you’re familiar with mechanism, that is the blog network we’ve already discuss previously. Well, Zaparena is almost same mechanism, but apparently much advance and easy to use with no manual submission of interesting article and with added revenue for your website. As a traffic network, member sites will show the widget of interesting stories which includes your site’s article this will generate an instant traffic when interested visitors clicked the article, same will happen in your site installation. Imagine thousands of members, this could really generate traffic to your site, not to mention the added revenue if you opt to show ads via the widget.

More Visitors to Your Website

Become a part of the zaparena traffic network and benefit from a new marketing channel. Place the zaparena widget on your website and receive 200-250% more visitors in return than you send to zaparena.

Earn Additional Revenue

Through the zaparena widget you also have the opportunity to generate additional income and increase the monetary value of your website. This way, you can double your benefit from incorporating the widget.

Unobtrusive Design

The zaparena widget is very discreet and can be perfectly adapted to your website. There are almost no limits to the implementation of your wishes and ideas.

Automatic Optimization

An algorithm developed by zaparena constantly optimizes the widgets and delivers the contents with the most clicks. This ensures the best possible click-through rates and optimal results for participating websites.

Free of Charge and With No Extra Work

The installation of the zaparena widget is free and takes only a few minutes. Once the widget has been integrated into your website, zaparena takes over the complete management of the widget. Sit back and enjoy the influx of countless new visitors.

All you need to do is register and wait for your site to get approved, once your site get approved (means you received the email confirmation) then you can start installing their highly customizable widget. Once you installed it, based from my experience, it takes up to 2 days for the zaparena to generate decent traffic to your website.

Hope this new tips work for you to increase your traffic, don’t forget to share this article if you can. You can check out any of or to see zaparena implementation.



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