14 thoughts on “How to align post Title in Blogger

  1. Word press blog is very user friendly and have many features to change the display view according to user needs like text alignment, color and themes. It’s the best platform to post blog.

    1. I fully agree! Though from time to time I still struggle with some of the basics… which is my own fault ofcourse – that’s why these posts are so helpfull!

  2. I’ve always preferred WordPress because it’s easier and it offers more customization options. But thanks to these tips, I’ll give Blogspot a go. These look like great workarounds.

  3. I’m very bad with html codes and i wanted to change my post background and side bar (which is plain white). Here’s my url: august-in-acoustic.blogspot.Com, viewing it might help. I know that the field that should be edited is somewhere below but i can’t figure out where. I really want to get rid of the white background. Help me please?

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