29 thoughts on “How to make an iFrame Amazon Banner to open in a new window

  1. You can also use wordpress with a plugin to post automatically and add Amazon products based on keywords. Very helpful to be on autopilot.

  2. Stay with a current page of any site and also want to access its affiliate links on same page that require only few changes in the HTML code of that site as see above by which we remain on that page with new banner window.

  3. LOL. I didn’t know it was this easy. I too would like viewers to stay on my site so they can check out the other pages. The last thing that I want is for them to go directly to the affiliate page, X out of it because they don’t like it, and forget all about my website.

  4. It is very easy to make the target page open in a new window as it only requires a bit of HTML code in the “href” tag, which indicates if the link is to open in the same window or a new window when clicked.

  5. An iFrame that defines an inline frame that contains another document that can be I-frames, video compression, video compression picture types and so on. Just enter the details of how you want your iframe to look, the url you want to show within the iframe that means now open a new window.

  6. Very good job. How did you find that code? I’m having the same “target” problem with the reviews iframe, but unfortunately your trick doesn’t work with the reviews URL (Amazon returns a blank page and adding “&f=ifr<1=_new" does not make a difference).

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