New Most Popular Posts Widget for Blogger

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Its been a while now since I run on the Design tab of my Blogger blogs, and yet, I was surprised when I hit the “Add a Gadget” link revealing a new “Popular post” widget and “Blog Stat” widget created by Blogger. Ooh, well, immediately I take on the shoes and try it by myself, first impression, this was much efficient and easy to use. Now let’s see on how can we add this cool stuff on your blog, follow after the break.

How to add most popular widget to your Blogger blog:
1. Log on into your Blogger account.
2. Go to Design tab–>Page Elements–>Add Gadget, then a pop-up window will appear.
3. From the pop-up window select “Popular Posts (New!)” widget by clicking the name link or the plus(+) sign on the right side.
4. Then the configuration tab will appear, where you can set up your widget’s Title, Most viewed, and post title with optional, summary, image thumbnails with number of possible post in display with maximum of 10.
5. Then, click the save button, and preview your blog.
New Most Popular Posts Widget for Blogger
I have been testing it recently versus my own Most Popular Post widget using Yahoo pipes, interestingly it was fast and efficient I can say, however, will see later if this will sustained its loading time when bulk of bloggers dip this widget on their blog.
I think the plus factor for this widget is the powerful “most viewed” system that will enable you to show the best topic for a week, a month and all time, this will come handy for your readers. The advantage also is the dynamic update it will come up to expose your trending topics.
One more thing is the added summary and thumbnail beside the title, this was really an A+ when it comes to luring readers to your interesting topics.
Now if you have already drop this widget on your blog, let us know what you think about it, and if you have troubled implementing this widget on your blog let us know, and yes, we’ll try our best to help you.


  1. Portalis Publisius /

    how to change the thumbnail size?

  2. I added the Most Popular Post Widget to my blog and the text flowed outside the margin. I read several articles about adding padding to the widget but could not find padding associated with the widget in the expanded template. So, I removed it.

  3. great tool

  4. You guys always know everything (a few months sooner than anyone else)…

    Thanks for all the tips, not just the blog ones. We have recommended quite a few of your links to people who needed blogging and SEO help.

    Great job!


  5. Nice theme thanks a lot for the sharing….