Your Online Presence – What Does It Say About You?

Your Online Presence - What Does It Say About You? One of the most important factors to consider when searching for a job, establishing your social network, or simply protecting your assets and identity is your online presence. In today’s society, our names are spread all throughout the internet. The majority of Americans can type their name into a search engine and find information from their Facebook page, their LinkedIn account, their Twitter followers, and their websites or blogs. Additionally, most computer users have information spread throughout the internet in the form of website hosting profiles. As beneficial as these networks are, it is also important that we take the time to “clean up” our internet presence both in the amount of information and the content. Let us discuss the many channels of one’s online presence according to a decreasing order of security.

Facebook is one of the most commonly visited sites on the web today and the most highly criticized for it’s security loopholes. Not only do people use the site for social networking, but businesses are now using Facebook to contact clients. Employers also utilize it to some extent in finding out more information about an applicant’s education, work history and social habits. One of the best things you can do to improve your virtual appearance here is to make sure that your profile sends a positive message about yourself. Consider what language you use and how much information you divulge. Many people choose to only make their profile visible to friends and are quite smart about their application settings, making identity theft much less likely. Many people also pay attention to who your friends are. If you have friends in Facebook you are no longer in contact with or you would not trust with your personal information, it is best to delete them from your friends list so they will not shed a negative image on your own profile.

Twitter is one of the newest forms of social networking. While “following” friends and “being followed” can be a lot of fun, it is extremely important to be mindful of who is following you. Twitter users can be prime candidates for and should always be aware of how much information they are posting. Remember the 140 character limit is not a fail-safe security feature you should rely on. It is still wise however to keep your Twitter profile updated so that potential employers and friends see up to date information.

LinkedIn is primarily a business network that allows workers to connect to colleagues in various businesses and industries and establish a network to obtain recommendations. Because this network can be such a valuable business connection, it is a good idea to take the time to go through the “People You May Know” section and find additional connections. Once again, it is also wise to consider how much information you put on your public profile. Make sure people can identify whether or not they know you, but keep personal information available only on a need to know basis.

Finally, consider how much information you put on websites and blogs. While blog hosting can be an extremely useful tool for sharing information with friends and clients as well as generating interest for one’s site, many web users do not take the time to adequately edit or protect their information. Many users will share highly personal information concerning their family, their location or even their financial situation without taking the necessary precautions to prevent such information from being harvested. They may also share opinions that may not be desirable for employers or coworkers to view. Many websites and blogs have an option that allows only those who are invited to view the site or at least prevent visitors from copying delicate information. Others can keep a tally on how many viewers there are and who specifically is visiting. These tools can ensure safety and protection of personal information.

Using social networking tools can be a great asset in today’s highly electronic society. By taking the time to sift through your information and “clean up” your online presence, you can have the best out of your networking experience as possible.


  1. I think online presence is the most important to run any business or any other thing so either we should have reliable image.

  2. Twitter is one of the newest forms of social networking. While “following” friends and “being followed” can be a lot of fun, it is extremely important to be mindful of who is following you.

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  4. It’s always interesting to search google for your name. Last time I checked I was a University Law Professor and Race Car Driver. Kinda neat! It’s definitely important to keep your personal info on lockdown though.

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  6. I for one can’t figure out the security settings of Facebook. I’ve tried my best to hide it so that it’s not going to show up in Google. But with all the changes that’s taking place, it’s hard to keep up!

    I’d love for people to look at my LinkedIn profile when they search for my name. However, my Facebook profile shouldn’t be visible. Let’s say that a prospective employer saw a picture of mine back in college when I was a free spirit. That’s not something that I would like to share to them. Unfortunately, a simple tag by my roommate makes the picture visible.

  7. Given the Yahoo ID, is there a Yahoo API which allows external application to obtain the online presence of user (of course based on the Yahoo messenger preferences set by the user)?

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