Google Panda update goes global for improved search

Google Panda Algorithm Update

Google have recently rolled out Panda, a new ranking algorithm that according to search giant “is designed to increase the quality of searches and reduce rankings for low-quality sites.” How Google Panda algorithm works? What is the impact of it in your website’s SERP, traffic and ranking? What are the ways you need to do if happen you lost a great amount of search traffic? This are few things we know we need answer to start coping up with Google’s new rule. Maybe you might want to google it right? Instead, try to hit after the break.

When Panda update went global officially on April 11th, many websites have reported changes in traffic. Some have gained, for example we’ve seen 50% increase in traffic on our technology blog and mainly others have experienced lost. And what’s the frustrating thing for some fellow bloggers, many reported cases shows websites lost more than 90% of traffic.

Right now, we might don’t see any changes on the PR but sure there will be reports coming out.

If you’re one of the most affected on the recent update, the company have provided an understanding on how to get your websites back on its original search rankings.

Here are some of the useful links you can refer on:
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High-quality sites algorithm goes global, incorporates user feedback:


  1. I know someone whose daily traffic went from 6,000 to 3,500. Although interesting to note that his conversion actually went up. Thanks for the links. That should take up most of my day! ­čÖé

  2. What is that panda.. Can you explain briefly.. Thanks a lot..

  3.  Google Panda spam your site if your site have a duplicate content. So submit only original article and improve your ranking in search engine.

  4. New advancement in google world i think.Well will try this panda.

  5. Google is driving me crazy!!