Earn money from your mobile assets with Google AdSense and AdMob

Recently we have just received a mail from Adsense newsletter about the new extended coverage of Advertising platform with mobile Adsense and Admob. However before we dip in this new program we want to hear from our blogger followers who have already implemented this new product from Google. If you want to know more about the Google’s mobile advertising check out the preview we got after the break. Google Adsense and Admob

Start earning from mobile
The mobile market is growing rapidly and now is the time to unlock its potential. It’s not too late to join the mobile revolution, by creating a mobile-optimized version of your website and monetizing it with mobile-specific ads. You can easily earn money from your mobile assets with Google AdSense and AdMob. Join our extensive network of mobile publishers and application developers, reaching millions of users across platforms on mobile web and apps.

For Mobile App Developers
Google AdMob provides app developers with a solution to distribute and monetize apps with ads. All Software Development Kits are easy to integrate and are designed to take advantage of the unique capabilities of each mobile platform.

For Mobile Website Publishers
Got mobile web pages to monetize? It’s easy! Just create an AdSense account and incorporate Google ads into those pages. You can earn money when your mobile website visitors see or click the ads. If you don’t have mobile content, find out how to create some here.


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