Mobile Blogging from iPhone 4

My day starts normally in front of my computer to write for my blogs. And today while browsing an app on Apple App Store for my iPhone 4 it takes me on hitting a WordPress app for mobile blogging.

Luckily, it returns a free WordPress app but then when I start to set an account it returns an error that XML-RPC should be enabled. So how to enable the XML-RPC?

To enable XML-RPC you need to go through you WordPress dashboard, then hit Settings on left-bottom of the page, it will dynamically collapse then click Writing. When the page load, scroll down to bottom and tick the check box to enable XML-RPC. Don’t forget to Save the settings.

Remote Publishing

To post to WordPress from a desktop blogging client or remote website that uses the Atom Publishing Protocol or one of the XML-RPC publishing interfaces you must enable them below.

XML-RPC Enable the WordPress, Movable Type, MetaWeblog and Blogger XML-RPC publishing protocols.

After that continue setting up the WordPress app on your iPhone, you’ll see now that it will continue now on loading your blog after filling in the necessary details.

You’ll be able to moderate comments, post blogs, manage multiple blog and monitor your blog’s traffic if your WordPress Jetpack plugins is properly setup.

Enjoy now mobile blogging anywhere and utilized the mobility of your mobile phones. Anyways, I’ll be looking on Android market if same apps is available for Android-based devices or if you already using it let us know on the comment line.

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