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It seems that blogging is American’s newest profession as millions turn to blogging as a source for information, income, and advice. Of course, the “profession” aspect of it should be taken lightly because most people blog out of a need to express themselves. It’s a labor of love and they want to be heard. There are a selective few, though, that use their blog as an income vehicle. If you’re interested in turning your blogging hours into profit, here’s a list of some of the ways you can do that:


Selling advertising space is the most common way that bloggers bring income into their site. If your blog is well known or possesses any clout in the blogging community, then you’re likely to be a strong candidate for advertisers. Online advertising is a fast growing market as the world becomes increasingly online centric. The trick comes in when you’re trying to decide how much you want to advertise. If you site is just filled with links and content that’s plugging a product or services, you’re likely to tarnish your image and lose readership.

Offer Services

Some bloggers are multi-talented and can provide support services to online users. You can use your blog to market your services and do a little PR for other areas of the market that you’re involved in. It’s all about networking, and having a blog is definitely helpful with generating a buzz and attracting new business.

Giveaways and Discounts

Product Giveaways and online surveys are features that you can include for your users. Marketers love to participate in anything that’s going to attract consumer attention. It’s become very difficult for companies to get attention to their product given how much advertising is on the web, and most people spend very little time looking at these ads, if at all. Anytime a company is able to actively engage the consumer through giveaways or paid surveys, with companies like SurveyHead, you’re likely to generate a lot of funding.


One of the roads less taken is going right out and asking for contributions. Have a donations tab on your blog might help out with your operating costs. It’s expensive and time consuming to run a blog, and the demands of content production are very high. If you have a loyal fan base that values your content and opinions, you could go directly to them and ask them to donate a small amount to keep the blog going.

Turning your blog into an income generator isn’t hard, but it just depends on what type of approach you want to take. Some purists in the blogging community feel that accepting money from any commercial entity is somehow selling out, but this argument really doesn’t explain how you’re supposed to keep a blog going without any income source. Consider some of these money-making solutions if you want to turn a profit with your site.

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