Review: uCoz Free Website Builder

Here at Bloggergeeze, we focus on making the most out of your blogs. Now, before we get started on that, we must first have a blog to make the most out of. There are a lot of free website builder services out there depending on the type of content you wish to publish. There’s Tumblr for those minimalist bloggers, then there’s the standards ones in Blogger or WordPress, or you can always do your own and buy some space to place it. When you pick the third option, you’ll have to do work in terms of configuration that most free services won’t give at the get go (at least without some charges). If you’re looking for some balance between customization and cost, then uCoz might offer the service you’ve been looking for.

In terms of functionality, then uCoz does a pretty good job for a free service. You have all out control of your CSS to edit any design aspect of your site. They also free great add-ons, if you want to have your own forums, they’ll give it. If you’re the type to photoblog and just wanted to post portfolios, you can have it too. File sharing, they have it too, you can have your own downloads section as long as it’s legal content.

As for the user control panel, like the many others, it’s quite getting used to. It has this so called desktop that lets you manage your blogs better, though it would have been better if they utilized it more. And while it is free and has a lot going into it, there are still limitations. For more details  and a more comprehensive look of these free website maker, head on over to TechGeeze.