Website Review: iomoio Music Download Service

We’ll make it clear once more, Bloggergeeze doesn’t support mp3 downloads except when it’s legal. With that said, let’s go to iomoio. Though we don’t have a single clue as to where that name comes from, rest assured that the site provides a pretty legit music service. Not only does the site have a huge variety of artists, they also cater to that market that buys soundtracks of anything they can think.

As seen in the image above, in order to buy songs, you must first add funds to your account, either through credit card or through some promotional code/GC. A PayPal option would have been better but nonetheless, this proves that this is legit. Purchasing songs is very easy. You can either buy them in albums, or in bulk, or just individual songs. Prices here are rather cheap as well. This is because iomoio doesn’t have to conform with the RIAA’s rule of $0.99 per song. The site says that their licensing agent is outside of the US, thus they don’t have to follow such rules.

The only thing we could contest about the site is the quality of the music itself, and by quality we mean the MP3s. As of now, you can only purchase them in MP3 format — which isn’t a bad thing. However, looking into a sample artist page like the one above shows that there’s a disparity in the bitrates of the mp3 songs they provide. This now brings us a question of how they acquire the songs. Either they’re giving inconsistent copies by their tie-in companies or something else. But nonetheless, for the average listener, this is already quite good, especially with the cheaper costs. For more information on iomoio, please visit the write up care of the guys at TechGeeze.