Website Review: MP32000 Music Search Engine

Before diving in into this pretty much gray area topic of free mp3 download, let us put in some disclaimers. Bloggergeeze does not in any way support music or any other content retrieved from non-legal sources. Let us show our support to the industry by purchasing their albums and other products. With that said, let’s proceed.

As the name implies, MP32000 is a Music Search service that let’s you “search” through their organized music library. Now they make it clear that the site only posts music that is ‘legally posted to the internet’. So does this mean that there won’t be pieces from any of the major artists as we’re quite sure they won’t just post their music to the good old internet for free? Let’s delve.

In all fairness to the site, they have a good music search going on. You can easily locate songs without having to go through tons of links of categories and albums among others. Once you’ve located your song, click on the link and you’ll be brought to the downloads section where you get what you searched for. This is where things get a little complicated.

The downloads page contains a sample of the song — and when we say sample we mean the whole song in variable quality. So technically, you can already download free music as it is if you’re not critical about the quality. Then this is where the ‘legally posted to the internet’ comes in. The page also includes a ‘Buy Now’ link that brings you to another third party online music store. Now we really can’t tell the validity of this service so you’ll be the judge. For a detailed look head onto the write up at TechGeeze.