Website Review: ServerClub Dedicated Hosting Services

If you wanted to take a step further from the typical blogging and go to full-on online services, then what you need is a dedicated hosting service. A service that doesn’t only provide hosting and bandwidth but can cater to the client’s technical needs as well. What we have here then is just that. This is ServerClub. From the name alone you can probably have an idea of what their specialty is. Yes, dedicated server services, and they’re doing a good job at it too.

Now the website itself give quite a load of information if you wanted to purchase some racks from them. It gives you an option to choose the hardware brand, as well as the package you wanted to attach to it. They also have options like automatic bandwidth purchasing when the event of limit-exceeding happens. Aside from those mentioned, you can also custom-fit your package and include exact specifications in their order forms. Though it will go outside their “instant setup” program, still, they’ll guarantee that those custom requests will be up by 24-hours time.

If you’re not yet sure on whether to get a server package from them, why not have a demonstration of what happens. Yes, the site provides with basically a demo on a typical control panel of a ServerClub account. In this way, you can have a better familiarization of the panels as well as how you can customize your racks. We’re pretty sure that those quite familiar with the dedicated hosts technology will appreciate this feature. For an in depth view of this site, head on to the link from TechGeeze.

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