Protecting Your Brand and Your Blog

If you are a blogger, then your entire online presence relies on the credibility of your image, otherwise known as your brand. As a blogger, you are marketing yourself. You want to be seen as an authority on a specific subject matter. However, if you don’t manage your image correctly through adequate Online Reputation Management, you could be putting your blog at risk.  

In addition to your blog, you probably spend time promoting yourself on Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites such as YouTube and LinkedIn. These are great ways to not only increase your blog’s traffic, but to also raise your rank in the search engine results pages. Although using these sites is a must for any serious blogger, they also come with risks.

A Facebook page can quickly become a hotbed for negative press if left unattended. Bloggers need to manage their social networking accounts daily if they wish to maintain a positive image, and they should check their sites multiple times throughout the day. If negative press regarding a blog post arises or your image is directly attack, be prepared to politely deal with the angry individual to prevent the spread of further negative press. Varying opinions is what makes blogging thrive, and also what makes it fun; however, you don’t want to let those opinions get so out of hand that they destroy the credibility of your blog.

Maintaining a credible online image is more than just managing your social networking accounts. Bloggers need to utilize reputation management much like large online companies do if they wish to keep themselves in a positive light. When managing your online reputation, bloggers always need to:

Remain consistent 

The image of yourself that you convey on your blog needs to remain consistent with the one you convey on social networking sites and other websites. If your readers see you bring one person in one forum, and another in a different place, you will lose credibility and readers.

Post frequently 

You need to post frequently to your blog and all of your social networking sites. Not only will this keep your readers engaged, but it will also help prevent negative press from popping up.

Stay creative 

If you want to keep a viable reputation, you can’t be ripping off other posts. You need to be seen as an authority and to do so in a manner that will not only promote you and your blog, but also keep your blog interesting, you need to focus on keywords and content as use them in a fun and creative way.

It takes several months, if not a couple of years, to build a great blog with a strong readership; however, a poor post could destroy it in a matter of seconds. Don’t allow your online reputation to get ruined simply because you were too lazy to protect it. Remain proactive about protecting your online reputation.


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