5 thoughts on “Software Review: Movavi Video Converter 11

  1. video conversion software is very useful. It is the most famous free video converter because help of this software i can do powerful video editing. And its also have fast speed and excellent video quality.

  2. I have been using MOVAVI for quite a while now and I certainly agree that it is not that complex compare to other video converters out there. Good review on this one and I definitely recommend this cool software.

  3. I purchased MOVAVI many years ago and, at the time, found it very good. 

    However, they ruined it in version 6 (I think) by preventing you from converting DVD’s.  This, for me, was the reason I purchased the software in the first place as I wanted to watch DVD’s (that I’d purchased) on my iPod.  You can no longer do this so you’re left with converting home made stuff.  

    If that’s all you’re after then this software is fine. However, if you want to convert DVD films you’ve purchased to watch on a portable device then steer clear.

  4. Video converter software is the important of the see the any video.Because the file is different extension and  You can also perform conversions that will automatically generate a flash player that can be used for web browser.the program provide tools.And the installed your system.

  5. I found a video converter which is free to download. Its very useful to me since i always upload video to my blog. It can convert swf/flv to mp4, avi, mpeg or any type of video and vice versa. I always convert it to swf/flv since this type of file can compress it 4x of its size and the good news also, the resolution of this file still same and even you can make it HD.

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