13 thoughts on “Google rolls out new Algorithm impacts 35-percent of searches

  1. Thanks for the information. I am currently developing my website and just found out that a by having a blog website Google will pick it up faster. I am also going to change my content with the newest. 

  2. Nice post. This is very helpful and interesting. Thanks for posting.Google algorithm really does have a high impact on some searches that is why it is very important to update your sites.

  3. There really wouldn’t be any point. Google started it’s browser just to increase competition in the market. In fact, Google is competing with itself in this market- it bankrolls a good portion of the Mozilla Foundation, which makes Firefox. Chrome itself is actually just slight modifications to Apple’s Safari browser (or, to be more precise, the WebKit engine that powers it) with it’s own skin.

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  5. I am agree with your point and but i am not agree with your percent criteria. Because i read every time Google news but i did not read about exactly 35 search engine impact.

  6.  Google Panda with 12% of search results being affected by this new algorithm. By and large, local business websites have escaped the effects of Panda,
    but they were not the intended targets of this algorithm update.

  7. I think its good that new algorithm will highlight the freshness of content. All highly rank
    old contents may be still popular to be on the top search result,
    however the new algorithm will weighs this accordingly to bring the
    fresher content first followed by the old results.

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