Go Daddy lost 21,054 domains in wake of SOPA PR

Once more Godaddy is in the verge of getting most of its customers away as it announced that it’ll be supporting SOPA. Though the ompany had reversed its decision to support SOPA that trigger 21,054 domains be transferred away from GoDaddy on Friday last Dec. 24th alone. Taking in the numbers the company have lost $147,167, not to mention future renewals along with other services the customer into account.

The stats from DailyChanges show that the transfers away from Go Daddy have been increasing all week. Here are the number of domains moving away from Go Daddy this week alone:

Monday (8,800)
Tuesday (13,000)
Wednesday (14,500)
Thursday (15,000)
Friday (21,054)

It’ll be going a tough ride for GoDaddy to win back its customers and right now that’s why I’m seeing sale of .com domains from the registrant for only $5.99, now this will be something to win new customers.

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