Make Money Blogging Through LinkVehicle

One of the major goals of webmasters is having a good search engine ranking. To reach that goal, they ensured that they have quality content and social media presence but one of the highest chances in getting a good ranking is to join SEO Advertising Companies.

There are lots of SEO Advertising companies in the virtual world which offers good revenues and offer big help in increasing SEO Ranking and one of these is Link Vehicle. Just like other companies, they connect advertisers with top notch publishers. They also provide static HTML links to the advertisers from the publisher marketplace.

There are three different opportunities on Link Vehicle, being an Advertiser, a Publisher and a Blogger. As an Advertiser, you can choose from the two types of static HTML links that they offer. First is the traditional text-link-ads that are placed on the side bar or template of the publisher websites. Text-Links are sold on a flat monthly rate rather than pay per click or impressions.

The second one is the blog reviews wherein advertisers were allowed to request written reviews from bloggers for their website with links that targets specific keywords on their website. Blog Reviews are a onetime payment for a permanent link.

Publishers can sell Text-links on their website either on the sidebar or templates. An ad needs to be approved by publishers before they can place it on their websites. They will be notified every time an ad is purchased. How to earn money? Link Vehicle gives 50% share of the net revenue of ads placed on their site. But please be aware that there will be times wherein a publisher can get a lower share than expected due to discounts given by the company to some advertisers. Also, they offer lower revenue compared to Google Adsense which give as much as 68% share on the net revenue.

Link Vehicle is also open for bloggers who wants to write reviews for advertisers. They just need to sign up as blogger and send their websites on Link Vehicle marketplace. A notification will be received by bloggers for available reviews from advertisers. Of course there are requirements but in case a blogger doesn’t like the advertiser’s requirements, they can simply reject the job. How to earn money? A blogger can give a price that they want to receive or the company will set a recommended price. There will be a one time payment for every post and is calculated daily. Payments will be received on the 1st of every month.

So for webmasters who are interested to earn an additional income from the web and wants to increase their search engine ranking, you can visit and add Link Vehicle to your list.

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