Easy Music Blogging with SoundCloud

Music has a life of its own that attracts people to it. If it hasn’t, the world wouldn’t have placed bands and music artists in a pedestal, pouring millions of money on their heads for their compositions and music tracks. And bloggers breathe more life to these audio tracks when they write about them. It is easy to describe how a person feels after hearing a beautiful sound, especially when it touches him. However, if bloggers hope to share it to their readers, who might understand the meaning behind the song, words are not enough. They need to let the readers experience the same emotions and sentiments by listening to the music themselves.

How will they be able to do that? Embed audio tracks to a blog. That is the main recourse. But what will keep them at a standstill is choosing the best type of music sharing website that allows embeds. SoundCloud is the primary choice of most bloggers. Why SoundCloud?

Active and creative community

An audio sharing platform with a community of its own will help you increase readership and subscribers. Once they recognize your appreciation to music, they will always look forward to your next pick. And because they are all a creative bunch, for sure suggestions will overflow. If you have an account and know how to get SoundCloud followers, music artists will no doubt flock to you hoping for exposure.

Original and untapped music

The great thing about blogging SoundCloud music is its fresh and original sound. You will be the first one to ever write a review about it, which will give you the privilege to be quoted by others.

Diverse sound tracks

Just like the mainstream music industry, SoundCloud has a diverse selection of music tracks from hip-hop, ballad, to electric. Whatever type of music you are into, you can definitely find it on SoundCloud. Everyone knows that words show the degree of passion you have on something, especially with regards to music.

Get feedback from creators

Another advantage is the possibility of the musician using your blog post to help market his music online, such as on Facebook or Twitter. Even when these social sites have enabled a SoundCloud app, it’s different when the praise comes out of the mouth of another.

Get picked by The Hype Machine

Two years ago, SoundCloud partnered with The Hype Machine, to allow music labels and artists service music bloggers. Through this partnership, bloggers can now promote their favorite music artists on SoundCloud easily. Having a lot of subscribers and SoundCloud followers might lead you to be handpicked by The Hype Machine, as they are known to aggregate music blogs all over the web.

Do your readers and subscribers a favor and give them the most exciting and fresh music there is on the web. Discover the next big thing in the music industry through SoundCloud.