Google Hijacking People’s Privacy

Scott McNealy the former head of Sun Microsystems declared that online privacy was zero and the assessment was confirmed by Google’s CEO Eric Schimdt. Users around the world of smart phones, PCs or Tablets cannot assume that they have any type of privacy because the sad fact is there is no privacy. Google introduced a new program the purpose of which is to accumulate user data from its 60 services, the company reports that the new procedure does not implement on the Google Wallet. For the ostensible purpose of better serving its users Google insists its data gathering practice is done and to enable it to “predict” individual user’s usage patterns.

The global digital revolution has morphed your personal information into a useful merchandise to make it more public in line with the 21st century technological feudalism. The personal information is now being exchanged as an electronic commodity. Those days are over where sealed letter and telephone conversations were considered to be protected communication. And so, in today’s day and age a code that compiles a record of an individual web browsing history on daily basis on a progressive number of devices is known as a cookie. Every time your surf on Google or Youtube, send/receive email, make a call, download information being a Google user, you cannot choose to crop out the data construction being built around you. Unless you are a super genius electronically equipped to know how to encrypt your telecommunication through a digital wire line.

Apple and Microsoft users using the Safari Browser on an iPhone or iPad are also being tracked by Google. Microsoft engineers reported that Google can bypass their privacy settings on Internet Explorer. Google has been accused of hacking further data on both Microsoft and Apple’s operating system but Google denies it.

This change has been driven by the forces of short-term corporate self-interest and a self-serving security-state. They are giving in to the demands of the militarized corporate state by compromising the ordinary American’s traditional privacy rights. The digital economy, and the future, is being determined by it. Notions of private communication are being redefined by Facebook and Twitter as it is. Google is not alone in the unethical data construction of personal user information. Google-enabled or other communication devices are also required to surrender the user’s personal or private information to the new corporate lords of the information economy.

It is a fishy business. So much so that Argentina and South Korea are also investigating Google’s new data-gathering practice.

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Beth Janick has been playing with cell phone spy software technology for as far as she can remember. She’s from a rare breed of writers that pick up on technology before it becomes popular. Her readers can rely on her for the hottest news from the mobile apps world.