How to optimize your site with recent Penguin and Panda update

Noticed a great changes on your search traffic, rankings and forms of advertising that some direct advertisers quoted on your site? These significant changes could be the results of Google’s recent Penguin and Panda Update. Now if you’re looking for on how you can optimize your site against these Google updates, the first step, you need to know the reasons for penalization somehow like a reputationdefender. Learn more after the break.

Reasons for penalization

  • Irrelevant links to blogs
  • Low quality, spam, less information to blogs
  • Other Client’s foot prints which lead to Penalization
  • High Outbound links to blog
  • Building Bulk back link in a short while leads to optimization

Now that you know the possible reasons why you have been penalized that will surely-directly hit your search traffic and rankings you should consider on moving on the following considered white-hat optimizations.

  • Put your links on highly related and dedicated article that you can submit as guest or paid post to other related themed websites.
  • When doing link exchanges, even if the the sites you’re partnering with is same-themed with your site, try to limit the link to be ‘frontpage- or hompage- ONLY. In this way, the non-related posts will not be linked on your site when you’re linking sitewide.
  • Limit the outbound linking or as much as possible try to put nofollow attributes.
  • Do optimization naturally that coincide with your domain age, number of posts -such getting the right PR in appropriate time frame.

Here are the current Google updates for you to check out, and for the meantime if you know any ways to optimize through this update, we’re willing to hear your thoughts on the comment line.

Recent Google Search Algorithm updates:

Panda 3.5 April 24,2012 – After the update of panda 3.4 in March 23, 2012, Google has once again rolled out a new search algorithm. The Searchmetrics released winners/losers list. The winners gained visibility whereas the losers lost their visibility in Google.The Searchmetrics listed the following as the reason for hit: a) Sites using databases to aggregate information b) Press portals and aggregators c) Heavily-templated websites.With this update, many of the social sites got increase in its visibility in Google. We are proud to be a part of the winners list which Google has sorted out.

Panda 3.4 Mar 23, 2012 – by means of ‘Twitter’ it announces this update and maybe it aims to kill the low quality websites…. Our service strongly, will help the client’s website by building good blogs with deep optimization of all pages and will care more in giving good ‘naturally enhanced’ contents.

Panda 3.3 Feb 27, 2012 – Link evaluation methods are switched to newer kinds and older methods are turned off, to make the clear understanding of the websites and its links. Along with it, Panda gives importance to local search results for more precise data…. What our service does is, enhance the blogs by perfect links that are less in number per post but very powerful. For later thing, we do enable the plug-in to add GEO Tag in our all niche blogs for considering by all search engines especially for Google. Moreover we try to give more importance to freshness in contents that is very helpful to relevant searches.

Panda 3.2 January 18, 2012 – Only a small refresh and no changes in algorithms…. Some websites are affected by this data refresh and not our client’s. we does its work very safer in the manner of surviving against Panda’s slapping. In truth, our clients feel happy after this update because most of the websites of ours go to hit more search results than before. We also have been done our blogs very clear without acquiring any errors (we monitoring the blogs routinely and it happens after every drip feed).