5 tips for speeding up your internet connection

High Speed Internet - Measuring Web Traffic or StatisticsA slow internet connection can be incredibly frustrating and drive even the most relaxed person into a computer rage! If your internet is slow, there could be many reasons why. Try following the 5 top tips below to speed up your internet connection and make your browsing experience a more enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Switch it off and turn it on again

It sounds far too simple to be effective; though if you believe in the less is more philosophy then you will be a fan of this first tip. Switch your computer and router off, wait a few minutes and then turn them back on again. Electronic devices can become scrambled when they have been used a lot. By switching off your devices and then switching them on again, you are essentially resetting the microprocessors in those devices. This simple tip may help speed up your internet connection.


Put your wireless router in the same room as your computer. The idea of having a wireless router is that the signals move around your home giving you the freedom to move around with your laptop or use different devices in different rooms, without having to traipse wires all around your house. Although wireless routers can send signals through walls and ceilings, the closer the router to your device, the stronger your signal will be and therefore the faster your internet speed.

Tidy up!

If you have wires all over your router, believe it or not this could slow down your internet signal. Wires carry electrical currents and electronic signals which can create an electrical interference when close to other electronic devices. Any interference could affect your internet connection speed. So, if your printer, scanner or computer mains cable or indeed any other cables are situated too close to your router box, you need to move them away which will hopefully speed up your internet connection.

Take a test

If you don’t know how fast your internet should be then contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and find out. Once you have, try doing an internet speed test. It will show you how fast your internet is working and if this does not compare with what your ISP told you, then you know you have a problem. It may be that the problem is internal and something to do with your home or computer or the problem could be external, which brings us to our last tip.

Contact your ISP

If you have tried everything you can think of, including the tips above, and you are still having trouble with your internet speed, then it is time to call your ISP. If your connection is slow and you have tried everything you can to speed it up, it may be that your problem is external, something to do with your ISP. If this is the case then it is their responsibility to take care of it. Give them a call and explain the problem and hopefully they can help speed up your internet connection.