Featured: How to Travel and Work in IT

Portable careers are becoming more and more popular as society becomes increasingly popular. People are becoming attracted to jobs that they can do from their backyard in Boston or from a coffee house in Copenhagen. Being free to travel and still make money and hold a job is a dream come true for many.

If you work in IT, you may be thinking that this may not be a possibility for you. You probably are used to working hands on, and if you want to backpack across Canada, you may think that this is not an option for you. It very much is, however, and the following tips and tricks can help you figure out how you can travel and work in IT.

Get the gear.

You are going to have to bring your equipment with you everywhere, and to do your job well, you will need good equipment. Get a reliable computer that has a lot of memory and is capable of handling many functions at once. You probably will want an extra battery and a portable version of everything you need for your job. You will also need a good, sturdy, safe computer bag to haul everything around in.

Become your own boss.

While there are IT jobs that allow you to be mobile, working from home or from the road, there aren’t that many. These jobs are highly coveted, very competitive, and quite few. That being said, you may want to consider going into business for yourself, offering IT solutions to businesses and individuals. Starting you own business can be tough, but you can ease into it by starting with a career in freelancing. There are plenty of freelance sites like eLance and oDesk where you can find work doing all sorts of IT-related things.

Get connected.

You will need a stable, safe internet connection. The work you do can sometimes be sensitive in nature, and notoriously unsecure hotel internet connections and public Wi-Fi may not be the best way to go when doing business. A good choice for you would probably be a portable internet hotspot. These hotspots let you connect multiple devices, and as and IT professional, you surely know the odds are great that you will have lots of gadgets and gear with you.

Combine travel and work by remembering to do both.

When working in IT while travelling, you will need to schedule your time. Not as fun and free as other vacations, this will help you to stay balanced. It is easy to get engrossed in your work and forgetting to see sites, but it can be just as simple to have so much that you forget to go to work. Create a schedule for yourself and stick to it, working when you are supposed to work and playing when you’re supposed to play.


It can be hard to turn down the chance to see some fantastic sites to finish coding a client’s site, but sometimes, that is just what has to be done. Your IT work is paying for your travel, so if you have a deadline or if something has gone wrong, you need to put work first. While seeing the sites is important, keeping your livelihood is probably the much greater priority.


Combining travel and working in the IT industry is something that is very much attainable. The preceding tips should hopefully have shown you that if you plan correctly and organize right, it can be very doable. The final tip then for you is to go out and do it; a life of fun and adventure awaits you if you’re ready.

Written by Barbara, a freelance writer who covers webmaster topics, social media, malware, android apps, and other internet trends.