Beware of Amazon Link Localizer WordPress Plugin

I’ve been using this Amazon Link Localizer WordPress plugin for quite sometimes now and it leaves me no choice but to uninstall it as I become somehow annoyed for several times leaving my Amazon affiliate ID blank for all regions. I may accept it if I mistakenly update the plugin and don’t check if the region fields are all blank, but lately I don’t know I see it all the fields are blank without even an update.

Amazon Link Localizer WordPress Plugin

So here’s the catch, when you leave those fields blank the plugin’s Amazon affiliate ID will be placed automatically on all of your Amazon products being advertised on your site. What if you missed checking it after an update, imagine the numbers you’ll lose for a month or a day?

And, even though your Amazon affiliate have greatly improved because of the wider coverage this plugin gives –as a webmaster, blogger you should be aware of its drawback.

If you’re currently using the Amazon Link Localizer

If this plugin is currently installed on your WordPress blogs, make it a habit to check it regularly if the fields haven’t reset to blank during its update. You can also just hover some of your Amazon affiliate link on your blog and see the part of the URL with your affiliate ID, if it’s not there then the Amazon affiliate ID would likely appear would be the one who belongs to creator of the plugin.

I’m only posting this content based on my personal experience and not wanting to give something false, but a warning instead about the aforementioned plugin.

Are you using the Amazon link localizer? Let us know your if you’ve experienced same?