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MyLifeWhen my friends first started talking to me about, I really was not interested. I already had Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace profiles, so I did not think that I needed to add another social networking site to my list.

I kept hearing people talk about the site, so I finally visited to see what it was all about. Right away, I realized that was a lot different than the other websites that I was currently using. The site has over 1 billion records for people all around the world. You can easily search for people from your past, and people can also search for you.

After I investigated for a few weeks, I decided to pay the fee to become a premium member. The main reason I wanted to do this is so I could find out if anyone was trying to search for me. Buying the premium membership was a great decision. I actually found out that two people were searching for me. One was an ex-boyfriend, and I really was not interested in connecting again with him. However, the other person was a dear childhood friend. We were thrilled to find each other again, and now we talk on the phone almost every week. is growing and changing constantly, and I log in to the site every day. I really feel like has enriched my life and allowed me to connect with people who are important to me. I am now the one who is recommending to other people.