Online Security Tips: Phone Verification—How to Weed Out the John Does

A huge concern for any online business dealing with clients is fraudulent users. Fake accounts utilizing made up names and personal information cost companies not only time but also money. A simple yet effective method to get verification from a client that he is indeed a real person is 2 factor authentication. In this scenario, a phone is used as a verification tool to ensure that fraud does not happen to you.

The extra layer of security works by asking the users to provide a number they can be reached at. The user can then have the system verify their identity through a voice call or an SMS with a code provided. This code adds the 2nd factor to the verification process which in turn reduces possible fraud. This cost-effective method for online security is a great way to reduce operating expenses and prevent bulk registrations.

Mobile SecurityThe importance of phone verification for online merchants is essential in this day and age. With countless individuals who make a living off of unsuspecting businesses, the best fraud deterrent is an identity verification method like the 2 factor authentication system. Some services that are offered today are extremely easy to set up with no additional hardware or software required. This makes the usage not only financially effective, but also quick and seamless.

Because many businesses have very tight budgets, it makes sense to use a verification system similar to the one described above. On top of being cost efficient, it can reduce expenses associated with having to control the damages cause by individuals hacking systems and committing fraud. Moreover, it reduced the database of clients to only those who are authentic.