Top 5 signs which indicate your site are penalizing

There are many benefits of using proper SEO strategies. This includes getting more visible over the search engines, high traffic, better chance of conversion, etc. However, if you do not abide by the rules of SEO, your site could be lost in the search engine results. If you look at some of the common complaints from webmasters, they simply say that their sites are banned and no more visible anywhere in the search results. This simply means that they have committed some gross errors, which compelled the search engines to penalize their sites. There are several signs or symptoms, which shows that your websites are being penalized by the search engines. The below is the list of top five signs that indicate that your site is penalized.

 1). Your site is no longer visible over the search results

First of all you need to check the status of your site and check whether it is visible over a number of search results. For this, you need to type info: over the Google search toolbar and find out whether you are being penalized or not. Doing this small exercise would help you in understanding whether your sites are penalized or not, which can help you in devising the forthcoming strategies to fix this problem.

2). The traffic drops down abruptly

This is among the other signs of a site being penalized. For this you need a tool called Google Analytics and check the statistics of people visiting your site and downfall in traffic. If you see the fluctuations in a time pattern, for example more visits during the weekdays and less during the weekends then it means you are safe. However, if you see a consistent drop of traffic to your site and this continues for several days and weeks then make sure that you are missing out something major. In order to check the reason, you need to login at your Google Webmaster Tool account wherein you can find the cause from Google. Generally, you get a mail from Google which informs that your site is manually penalized.

3). Not been visited by Google bots for many days

If your site is not being visited by Google bots for several days, then this is also one of the signs of your site being penalized. In order to verify this, you need to check your site URL over the Google’s Safe Browsing Service. This service will inform you that your website is not being visited by Google bots for so and so days.

4). Your site has zero non paid traffic

To check this sign, you need access to Google Analytics wherein you can check whether you are receiving any organic traffic from different search engines or not. If you end up seeing the zero results, then this simply means that your site is being penalized by the search engines.

5). Uour page rank went from green to grey

To check this sign, you have to move to Google Toolbar Page rank and check your site rankings there. If you find it in green color (even in small numbers) than falling into all grey color indication, then make sure you safe. However, if the color is grey then it’s a sign which proves that your site is penalized.

Final word

If you notice these above five signs then make sure your site is being penalized by the search engines. So, instead of falling into any kind of panic or shock, simply head to revamp your SEO strategies and embark with a ban proof site in the coming future.

Author Bio: This post was by guest author Aubree Parsons . Parsons’ other contributions, for example The Hurry Cane , can be found all across the web.


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  3. Google webmaster tools also has a few tools that can indicate penalization. Crawl stats, Search Queries etc.

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  5. Rizal Maulana /

    after i seek the webmaster from google tools is very helpfully tools in SEO

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