Google Updates Blogger for iOS

Travel or on-the-go bloggers will love this new app update from Google, as the search and mobile OS giant throws a new optimized version of Blogger for iOS, this time utilizing the 4-inch iPhone 5 display which seemed to be adapted also on new iPhone accessories outed to fit for this new larger device.

Blogger for iOS

There’s a significant market reach for the Blogger Apps for iOS where it could cover the blogging on iPhones, iPads or iPod touches. How compelling the apps especially if it cover also the Android market share?

NetMarketShare, a firm who gathers internet statistics revealed important mobile analytics specific for mobile and tablet browser market shares. The Safari browser which represents the iOS devices took the largest slice on the pie chart with 61.02-percent, followed by Android browser with 21.46-percent and finally summing up the top three with Opera browser with 9.84-percent.

With these relevant mobile market share data, it’s also important to point out that your website should be mobile ready. It’s a good thing to consider how small-display devices with touchscreen interface differs with a full screen display monitor with mouse device. Getting your website mobile friendly will equate to user friendliness.

Accordingly, the new updates include native support for the first three generations of the iPad. There are also added features that will let users to have handy options to have their blogs be “Save as Draft”, “Publish” and “Cancel.”

Now if you want to grab the updated application, Blogger for iOS is now available for download. Check out the source link.

Source: App Store


  1. Great apps.Now blogging is getting much easier with these apps.These apps enable users to compose posts and save them as drafts. Users can also immediately publish the content to their blog. Users can now add labels and location information to their posts.

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    These apps makes blogging easier.that way u dont have to be stuck to your pc everyday