Effective Marketing Through New Exciting iPad Apps

The iPad along with its fellow iOS devices have gone into the world of marketing through its gaming and interactive apps. From its mobility and large ecosystem of apps on its Apps Store as well, not to mention the third party applications, you can imagine the possible reach and targeted audiences that can be hooked through this medium. One of the most common will be developing a game where anyone in the world can play, in realtime. Check out one of the game we have just reviewed below:888-mobile-app-ipad_large

Admit it! When you get together with your poker-playing pals, you’ve talked about iPad poker games that allow you to play your favorite card game without leaving your comfortable lounger. They are exciting! They’ve got poker players buzzing, especially since 888poker’s Android app was introduced last summer. Now the app for the iPad has been unveiled, called 888poker Mobile HD., a free app that you can download as long as you have a valid UK iTunes account. The iPad app will soon be joined by an easy-to-use version for iPhone users. The world of poker may never be the same again.

Unbeatable Features

The latest poker technology allows players to break out their iPads and get gaming with top-quality software. The iPad poker app makes it easy for players to connect to 888poker games from home with either a 3G or WiFi hookup. Players can enjoy 6 or 9 seat cash games and tap into all the popular variants of Texas Hold’em, with the ability to choose No Limit, Fixed Limit or Pot Limit.

Friendly Poker Lobbies

Ease of use describes the two 888poker lobbies. For beginners there is the Beginner’s Lobby where players will quickly learn everything they need to know in order to be playing within minutes. If you already know the ropes then you’ll appreciate the Cash Lobby, where you tailor order your stakes, select you games by type and table type. It’s that easy to cash in on the action with 888poker Mobile HD. The games load up in a flash – so you can be up and running in no time at all. The best part of the iPad poker games are the betting stakes. You can place wagers from as little as $0.03/$0.06 all the way up to $3/$6 per game. And you’re always able to choose your games according to table type, game type and other features. Enjoy iPad Poker!

There’s a Whole Lot More Coming with 888poker Mobile HD

If you’re into quick-play poker tournaments then you’re going to love 888poker Mobile HD. You’ll be able to enjoy SNGs (Sit & Go’s) at the click of a button from the comforts of home. You’ll be able to enjoy x 15 Guaranteed PL Omaha contests, and lots of riveting Texas Holdem tourneys daily. There’s no need to register a new user/password combination – simply use the same login details as your standard 888poker desktop login.  iPad Poker is all the rage and you’re in the pound seats with $8 FREE Credits to enjoy top-tier poker games on your iPad. Why spend your cash when you can spend ours playing poker games on your iPad!