Adsense Alternative: LinkVehicle

We have already added some posts talking about the Adsense alternatives, and right now what we have here is LinkVehicle. This is a pretty decent advertising platform that we have been using for a while now. It’s currently on the 50/50 based commission but the trick is that you have the power to setup what will be the rates for the advertising options available on your site. You can freely adjust the rates based on your targeted amount.


All you need to do is basically add your site, where you need to add your site’s title, description and rates for text link ads, reviews(this is like paid reviews or sponsored posts) and toplinks ads(this ads when you write the review and the advertiser will also pay a per month basis for the inline links in the post). The LinkVehicle dashboard is very simple and straight-forward. For more advertising exposure, you should also setup some of the most popular social networking sites such as Facebook(this is the fanpage of your site), Twitter and Google Plus account of your websites or blogs. I think the simple reason could be the advertiser can utilized the site’s followers number that would make their campaign more efficient and targeted.

About the payment terms, once your payment way has been setup which is Paypal for most of us. You’ll be able to receive your payments for every start of the month and that’s automatic.

Now if you want to try this new advertising platform, you can go on and join at now. We’ll be discussing several new advertising platforms later on as we have seen major decrease on the primary source of blogging income from Adsense.

Let us know if you know any new advertising platform on the comment line that are worth a try for our fellow bloggers.