Servicing Speed

Predicting where the next big thing is going to come from is an extremely difficult task. That is what makes the cut and thrust of international business so exciting, because no-one really knows what is around the corner. In the 80s it was the stock market, in the 90s and 00s, the property market.

Right now, the exciting place to be is the digital world. As more and more people become better acquainted with the technology, opportunities and innovative ideas are sprouting up all over the place. Modern entrepreneurs are not lending their skills to the newspaper industry, to oil companies, to construction firms – they’re going online. This is where it’s all happening.

However, that doesn’t make the online world a particularly easy place to be. Its accessibility means that it is becoming crowded. Physical distances and time zones matter not in the least, with the entire global population all scrabbling for space.


If you’ve managed to plant your flag in the ground, to have secured your own little spot of virtual land, you want to make best use of it.

Just like actual land, this virtual land requires care and attention. You need to water your idea, keep it well nourished and help it to grow. That means making sure that everything is working exactly as it should be.

The same is true of your website.

An NCC Group site speed test will tell you everything you need to know about your website’s performance. This will allow you to target areas for improvement, make vital changes and generally help ensure that your website is the best it can be.

A report will also show you how your site performs in comparison to the rest of the market. With more and more websites available to them, customers can now afford to be picky. Unlike driving an extra five miles to do the weekly shop, hopping from one website to another requires no effort whatsoever.

If your site isn’t up to scratch, for whatever reason, the visitors will just dry up. Understanding where your website sits in comparison to the competition is vitally important, so that you can stay ahead of the game. This can be presented visually, to help it sink in that bit quicker.

You will also be given plain and practical tips – advice that you can really work with to improve your website’s performance.

You’ve found your space, don’t give it up.