Google Analytics’ Speed Suggestions Report

It has been proven that there is a considerable weight on Google’s algorithm when your site’s loading speed is fast enough to get in on top of your targeted searches. The company even provide a tool PageSpeed Insights from its Google’s Developer site. But apparently, it’s almost hidden to mass bloggers and webmasters –or let us say potential users to utilize. Fortunately, the search giant finally integrate this tool to Google Analytics.

Google Site Speed

This additional tool will practically add a new dimension to the original reports with Google Analytics with combination of PageSpeed Insights and Analytics. User can now easily track the PageSpeed score to see how this rating influences the loading speed of your site.

And most importantly, this tool will suggests fix on how to eliminate roadblocks for your pages/site loading speed problem. Some of the common problems which Google will likely to suggest will be, such utilization of cache, ditching Javascript and optimizing the site’s images.