How Norton Secures Websites & You

In an article published by Business Insider in 2012, there are approximately 644 million active websites in the entire worldwide web. That’s a LOT. And that number is steadily growing, as more domain names are registered every day.

Of course, that many websites come with so many security risks as well. Various predators, cyber criminals & syndicates, bullies and even corrupt enterprises will all try to take advantage of the internet that is so easily accessible to anyone, anywhere.

MIT’s Information Systems & Technology site identifies identity theft, phising & scams        as examples of common forms of web-related risks.

Identity theft is when theives try to use the information that you share online to drain your bank account, ruin your credit rating, or send malicious information to other people. Phising, on the other hand, is a common trick employed by hackers on websites that are pretending to be legitimate, with PayPal & eBay being two of the most common targets. Lastly, scams are very popular on social networking sites and usually entail fooling users into buying or opting into something that they do not really want or need.


Needless to say, online security is very much a big deal, for consumers and website owners & administrators alike. For the former, it is important that we be always on the defensive, anticipating that somewhere, someone is waiting for you to be careless with your computer, mobile phone, or in browsing the internet. For the latter, it is also always be on the defensive and expect that some hacker hundreds of kilometers away is waiting for the opportunity to break your website and wreck havoc into your servers and users.

Good thing that security companies such as Norton Antivirus provides cost effective services and products that enables both consumers and website owners to protect themselves against malicious attacks. Companies like which offers online gaming services ensures its investment on these security products. The nature of this type of online business makes security breaches very critical and be consider as the core for its client’s confidence.

The company’s Norton Security software, its bread and butter, provides solid antivirus protection for all your devices. It guards against viruses, spyware, malware and other online attacks from ever reaching you, while at the same time also avoids unsafe websites & suspicious downloads.

Norton ConnectSafe, on the other hand, complements Norton Security by securing your network against unsafe or undesirable websites. It works in the background, it requires zero software installations, promises zero slow downs for your computer or network, and is free for home use.

Norton Identity Safe is also a free application from Norton, and it securely manages all your passwords for you. It eliminates the need for users to list paswords in notepads, pieces of paper, or your mobile phone. With password management this easy, you’ll never need to use a single password for all your online accounts. Something that even I am guilty of.

Lastly, Norton also offers Norton Safe Web. It is a new reputation service from Symantec. The company’s servers analyze websites to see how they will affect you and your computer. Using the Norton Toolbar installed on your PC or by directly visiting their website, it lets you know how safe a particular website might be before viewing it.

Of course, there are a number of other security companies out there that offers similar solutions as the one enumerated above. Some will be paid, although most will also be free just like what Norton is currently offering. What we suggest is for you to try out different services that are available and see what you think will be most beneficial to you and your needs.