How Software Helps Small Businesses in the Digital Age

Running a small business is never easy, and taking steps to increase efficiency and lower cost is vital to the success of the company. By addressing these two points, business owners can give themselves a head start towards creating a decent bottom line for their enterprise.

Software developers are aware of this need from the business community and over the last couple of decades the innovation that has come from the tech sector is truly astounding. Here we explore some of the most popular pieces of software for the smaller business and find out how each can help them reach the Holy Grail – higher profits.


Database software

Database software allows a company to keep track of any number of things that would have otherwise been stored in banks of filing cabinets, or not recorded at all. Things such as relationships with clients, employee records and other such archives can all be stored on database software. To give you an example, Abacus private cloud hosting is used in the accounting and legal industries so that employees who need access to loads of information can access it on the go at any time.

As they are so versatile there are numerous different options available. Deciding which one works best for your business will be a matter of personal choice as some may be far too complex for your needs. Thankfully, the Internet is awash with reviews so your search shouldn’t be too tiresome.

HR software

The Human Resources departments of old used to be full of staff manually entering things such as payroll, holiday entitlement and training schedules onto paper-based records. Not any more. Nowadays, businesses can use an online HR software suite to address record their data.

Employees are now able to update their own personal data and some systems even allow staff to book their own holidays without the need to run it past their line managers. This cuts costs and improves productivity, as well as instilling a degree of trust with the employee.

Sales management software

Finding and monitoring leads is essential to businesses both big and small. Gone are the days when decent tracking software was the sole preserve of the larger corporations, however. Now all business owners can follow the progress of sales leads with ease thanks to a whole host of sales management software solutions.

Many software solutions will integrate with each other to give you an all-round way of dealing with your accounting, sales, marketing and invoicing needs, freeing you up to concentrate on the business of running your company.

Project management software

One piece of software that is vital to anyone who needs to organise others is a project management tool. Programs such as Basecamp allow you to keep everyone connected, regardless of where they may be.

Compare this to the old way of working on a project and the benefits become clear. No more needing to meet face to face, no more lost documents and no more excuses. Projects get done faster and more accurately thanks to project management software.

By making use of the technology available, small businesses can improve productivity and lower their costs considerably. Furthermore, using software allows staff members to concentrate on more important aspects of their jobs, freeing them to push forward and be the employees that you hired them to be.