Five Simple Adjustments to Incorporate Into Your Email Marketing Strategy

When you’re using email marketing in your business, it’s important that your email marketing strategy gets your emails noticed – this means more people will read your emails and take action. In this article we’ll discuss five simple adjustments you can make to make your email marketing strategy more effective.


Use email templates that can be read easily on any electronic device – These are called responsive email templates, and it’s important to use them because people are reading more and more emails on their smartphones. These make it easy for readers to read emails no matter what size their phone or tablet is.

Get to the point – People don’t like to read long emails, so you need to use subject lines that are short and concise – briefly tell the user why they should open the email. You also need to use headlines that grab people’s attention and explain the benefits quickly. Pictures and videos are a great way to do this.

Provide value – Give people a reason why they should subscribe to your email list – you can use reasons such as exclusive offers, unique information or events, or receiving information on discounts before non-subscribers do. You can also provide value with market information, educational tidbits or things that improve your customers’ lives.

Tie it all together – Email is just one part of your marketing plan, it should not be the only part of your marketing plan. If you have a YouTube channel, you may want to embed a video in your newsletter or the campaign you’re sending out. If you’re trying to increase your likes on Facebook, provide an incentive within your email for people to like your page.

Avoid spam filters – companies like Gmail and Yahoo are always fine-tuning their spam filters, so it’s important that you avoid words that will cause your emails to be sent there. These words include “sale,” “free,” “rich,” and “deal,” and any email that has a subject line in all caps. Also make sure your email doesn’t sound like a brochure, and limit the number of links you put in it.

These are just a few simple adjustments you can make to your email marketing strategy. Learn from other professionals and be sure to keep experimenting and trying new ways to facilitate better email marketing campaigns.