Visual Aspects of a Website

You want to choose a website template, but you don’t know which one is the right one? It is already difficult to choose things in our daily life, now imagine having to pick an online website template from thousands of choices! This could be a tough decision to make. There are various aspects to take into consideration when doing so, and one of the most important is in regards to the visual aspect.  The look and feel of a website should normally be able to project a certain image or theme that is appealing to you. A theme of a website can make it look attractive to people when they can easily relate to its particular theme.

Choosing the theme and appropriate look for the creation of a website is one of the most crucial decision that brand owners have to take. This can be a make or break decision regarding the future of a particular website. It involves a lot of thought when it comes to creating a website, but more focus is given to the theme as this is what builds up its personality.

Website design

For example, Bingo Extra is one of the latest bingo sites to have made its appearance online since early 2015, and it has a retro look of the 50s. Now you are perhaps wondering why someone will choose a vintage theme. The answer is every simple. Bingo Extra brings to everyone the good old feeling of the days when everything used to be much simpler. People can easily associate themselves with Bingo Extra as it brings a lot of good old memories to many of those born in the 50s era and also it is very appealing to the ones who are curious to discover how things used to be in this golden era.

The visual appearance of Bingo Extra immediately reminds you of the 50s with its pastel colours, simplicity and unique old fashioned fonts that used to appear in newspapers and adverts of that period of time. The hosted bingo rooms offering 75 Ball, 90 Ball, and 5 Line Bingo, as well as the various promotions on this exciting bingo site are a reminder of what the vintage era used to represent, such as The Diner, The Candy Store, The Playground, The Jukebox, and Drive In. When you think of the 50s you immediate picture popular stuffs such as black leather jackets, hair-cuts, poodle skirts, pony tails, fin tail on cars, drag races, huge cufflinks, drive-in movies, soda fountains, hula hoop rock and roll and many other.

What makes a site look more appealing is when it has a unique individual look. And Bingo Extra is such a unique bingo site as it is uses its proprietary software on its standalone platform, thus providing you with a unique gaming experience. Even though the site has a vintage look, Bingo Extra has some of the most innovative and ingenious ways to put forward its various features. Right from the home page you can find categories such as home, bingo, slots, all games, promotions, community, etc. You can even check the bingo games schedule and pick the preferred game from the homepage of the site, or launch the bingo lobby. Once you are on the Slots category, you can filter the games according to the features, number of pay-lines or theme.

A visually appealing retro theme and a user friendly and easy interface makes Bingo Extra the perfect example of visual aspect considerations on designing your website.