Tools To Manage Your Virtual Staff

The business team of today includes office personnel, “in the field” workers, and remote or virtual staff. Smart businesses have discovered that utilizing freelance workers saves time and money on many different levels. Business expense is kept low because virtual workers and freelancers do not require traditional benefits such as insurance, retirement, sick pay, holiday pay, or over-time. Office space is reserved for the employee that is on the company clock. However, as the footprint of the modern business is created, supervisors and managers find it challenging to keep up with responsibilities and assignments of virtual and field workers. Jobs, contracts, and virtual assignments are given to various people in order to keep a job on schedule. While the work is to be completed by freelancers, virtual workers, and in the field workers, the job management, and tracking (and re-hiring of new field workers) is done by someone in your company. In order to accomplish this, businesses must work smarter.  Today’s business manager has a host of tools available that were created and designed to track jobs and associates from anywhere and to merge functionality allowing efficient tracking.


Below are the top five tools we have chosen to help your office team work effectively.  

Google Docs  

Google docs is the best way to share your reports, spreadsheets, calendars, letters, contracts, and training materials.  Google docs allow more than one person to edit the same document, without the need of copying a file and emailing.  If the person you are working with does not have Google Docs, files can be emailed as an attachment.  


Clockspot is an amazing tool to use with virtual staff, freelancers, “in-field” workers. This program provides an online time clock, tracking job codes, and tracking of real-time employees. Incorporate job costing. Use IP addresses and GPS to know where the staff is, at all times. Watch and verify payroll.


Skype has been around for a while, but it has matured and is a great tool for today’s office. Texts, phone, video, or face-to-face meetings are virtually available at any time. Never lose another meeting.  


Bitium is the 2015 winner of “cool vendor” Bitium is password management program. Bitium provides a secure and private long-on screen for collaboration without needing password lists.


Team collaboration at it’s best. This is the way to keep agendas, schedules, manuals, emails, processes, and manuals all in one place. This is the easiest way to keep up-to-date, in an easy to use program.

Never before has there been more options for the business owner or for the company associate. Whether traditional staff is employed to complete a project, or freelancers are utilized, there is a program that will allow you to work more efficiently. The business team of tomorrow will bear little resemblance to the team of yesterday, but with the right tools in place, they will be more profitable than ever before.


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