Interacting with Your Users Through Content Creation on Blogs

Everyone knows the benefits of having a blog on their website — it can help to increase traffic, sales and even loyalty. There are a few ways you can go about making the visitors of your site become readers and from there, you need to interact with them to keep them engaged and coming back for more. A lot of people build blogs on their site and don’t nurture it. It takes more than just posting up blogs every now and then. Readers on the Web are always browsing for something, whether it’s products/services to buy or information and news. If you can offer any of these on a regular basis, you are more likely to have more visitors — even if they aren’t repeat visitors. But the goal here today is to become more engaged with the readers of your site. Doing so can lead to loyal visitors who will continuously come back to your site. Here are some ideas you can use to interact with your users via blog content.

Writing Skills

Keep Your Blog Updated

If you can continuously update your blog with new and relevant content that is informational or entertaining, this is a form of interaction. Keeping your blog updated is like posting up new conversations. What better way to interact with your readers than by creating more and more conversation starters.


Encourage Feedback

As you’re posting up content on your blog day-to-day, you should encourage your readers to leave comments and feedback. Post up blog posts that are “comment jerkers”, meaning it will be hard not to comment. Some bloggers do this by posting controversial topics or subjects that will bring about different responses from different people. Entertainment, opinion pieces and news topics are usually great for generating comments, especially if its about something people care about. Try posting up topics that are important and entertaining, while not going off the niche of your blog. When you finish up your posts, motivate readers to comment by asking what the they think or if your opinions are agreeable.


Ask Questions

Asking readers questions about a topic you’ve posted about is another form of interaction. Directly speaking with your readers is always a great way to get engaged. It’s like having a conversation with each reader individually. Try to ask questions in the beginning and in the end of your posts to keep the readers thinking.


Comment on Your Readers’ Comments

Now, that you have put so much focus into generating comments from your readers, you will need to reply to their comments. You can set up your blog with a widget that will allow you to accept and decline reader comments — that way you are in control of what’s being posted on your site. You want to keep spammers and harmful comments out of your blog.

On your blog, you should focus on writing about the things your visitors care for. If your blog is about fashion, you can talk about brands like Victoria’s Secret and Vera Bradley. As long as you’re providing what they want, they will likely continue to come.