What is WordPress?

WordPress, initially, was designed to make blogging easy, but it quickly became the fastest growing CMS platform. Over the years, the system’s developers have expanded its functionality to allow users to create complicated websites. It is considered very easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.

For example, did you know that 29% of all websites are powered by WordPress?

The huge number of plugins and themes available just add to the appeal, while the many high quality WordPress-tailored hosting plans you can find out there ensure that everything runs smoothly. Fortunately, more and more web hosting companies provide specialized and extended WordPress support, making it even easier to start using this formidable site building platform.

People all over the globe have made it their content management system of choice, and have created fully functioning business websites with WordPress. This number includes some business giants such as Forbes, The New York Times, CNN and many others. 11 of Fortune 500 companies are using WordPress, so it must be doing something right.

Website Builder also helps to explain how WordPress influences those all over the world. It is available to use in over 72 languages including Portuguese, German and Chinese to name a few.

Another thing that helps the spread of WordPress are the official WordCamp events. These events are arranged by the WordCamp organisers and groups of volunteers. In 2016 alone, there were 115 of these gatherings that took place in 41 countries.

The WordCamps are a mix between fun and productivity, with the conference segment focused on everything WordPress. Everyone from casual WordPress users to the core developers attend, so it often treated as a social gathering. It is a great place to share ideas and get to know each other.

A huge part of WordPress is its themes and plugins. These are what can make your website stand out from the crowd. The great thing is, many of the themes and plugins available for WordPress users are completely free of charge to download and use. Depending on your needs, there are also paid extensions.

Currently, there are over 52, 000 WordPress plugins available. They vary greatly in what they can bring to your business, from applying forms to your site to helping with SEO needs and connecting you with many social media platforms.

One of the most popular WordPress plugins is WooCommerce. This is a free download that powers 32% of all online stores today. It is an efficient and user-friendly way to add an eCommerce store to your WordPress site. Other popular plugins include Akisment, which catches spam, Yoast for SEO help and Jetpack, which can handle a range of tasks, including security and post optimisation.

On a lighter note, Website Builder gives you some fun facts about the content management system that you might not be familiar with. For example, did you know that Wauu is the unofficial WordPress mascot? Or that the WordPress Wiggle is the unofficial dance of the WordPress people?